Christina's Unity project for Atelier 2, February 10 2021
I really liked the architectural works of office-u67. It made buildings look very neat and clean but also special because they used an unconventional colour (pink). The artwork of Kevin Lucbert was very inspiring to me because he brings a very playful element to ordinary, everyday household objects. I also really enjoyed Lazar Belic's Tirana Performative Clouds piece because the clouds feel ethereal and floaty resting above many buildings. 
It was my first time using Unity and I usually don't work in 3d so there was a bit of a learning curve! Sometimes there were also errors that showed up, that I didn't know how to resolve. For example, I got a Namespace UI could not be found error that took a while for me to figure out. After some Googling, I realized I needed go to into the script and change some of the code. 
Before building my project, I experimented with Unity, looked at some Youtube tutorials, and online articles to learn the techniques needed. I mainly played around with Probuilder and Terrain Tools. 
Here are some screenshots from what I ended up doing. I liked playing with the skybox and lighting colours to create a soft feeling. There is some furniture on the structure, but everything is sort of misplaced. On the top floor there is a door and a bed. It's kind of like a balcony, you can see the view of the trees from up there. 
If I were to do this project again, one thing I would do differently is to plan better. I went into building the main structure without really having a plan in mind, just adding different shapes and pieces of furniture according to how I felt. I think I could have achieved a different result if I drew out some different structures beforehand. 
If I had more time, I would work on the gravity and the first person controller parts of the piece. I kind of like how everything floats away at the end but at the same time I would like to try having some parts stay on the ground. I also found that the first person controller was a little hard to navigate in game mode. 
I would also like to add audio and make it more of an immersive experience, as well as improve the game and storytelling aspects of the piece. There is an opportunity to make it more interactive. It could be the story of someone exploring a new world or there could be a ball rolling around that catches the player's attention more. 
Overall it was a good learning experience and I feel more confident to tackle 3d projects in the future now! I have always been a little intimidated by 3d but this was fun 😊 
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