Hackathons have a special place in my heart. They're where I got introduced to UX/UI design, met some really cool people, learned new skills, and worked on impactful projects. Here are some of my favourites – 
Improving public judgment of fake news with blockchain & ML
@Hack the Valley 4 (University of Toronto Scarborough)
Timeline / 36 hours (Feb 2020) 
Tools / Framer X, Illustrator 
Role / UI & Visual Designer
Team / Markos Georghiades (backend developer), Hoang Nguyen (full stack developer), Russell Goldman (frontend developer) 
Project / We were all aware of the growing issue of fake news in society, and how it impacts people's views and decisions. We'd seen ML fact checkers target this by identifying and helping remove fake news across the Internet. So, we wanted to innovate upon current technological approaches to further challenge the fake news problem, raise awareness, and engage people in education. Our solution, ETHentic, is a decentralized betting platform, where users can bet on the authenticity of news articles. read more
Highlights / Out of 100+ projects and 600+ participants, we made it to the top 10, to demo our project in front of judges and hackers. It was really fun to share ETHentic with others and watch people try it out. And, we ended up placing 2nd overall! 
Bridging the gap between centralized and decentralized apps
@ETHWaterloo 2019 (ETHGlobal)
Timeline / 36 hours (Nov 2019) 
Tools / Figma, Illustrator 
Role / UI & Visual Designer
Team / Christian Agnew (backend developer), Jake Russell (frontend developer)
Project / We set out to entertain current wallet users & increase crypto adoption by making peer to peer crypto weather betting a reality. WeatherBet is a decentralized app that allows users to bet on the weather with ETH. read more
Highlights / Our team got the opportunity to pitch our project to Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum. We won Best Use of Chainlink Oracles ($1000) and are featured on Chainlink's blog
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